Allow my vast experience and passion to capture you, and the people you love, during those special moments and in special places. Relax and enjoy life first-hand while I take the pictures you will look at fondly for years to come.

  • Portraiture on Location or in Your Home
  • Sporting Events
  • High School Graduation Portraits
  • Family Functions
  • Parties
  • Theater and Dance Groups
  • Home School Organizations

No matter what the situation, I can provide you with photographs that will supply you with a lifetime of cherished memories.

At Lori Turchin Photography, my focus is always on you.

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Portrain Session Creation Fee

  • Monday - Friday: $275
  • Saturday - Sunday: $375

The creation fee includes the following...

Detail consulting either by phone or in person, going over all elements of your session to achieve a unique portrait that matches you and/or your child’s unique personality and style.

Travel (within 20 miles) and creation time the day of the session for 1 to 4 subjects. Additional subjects will be $25 each. Sessions are unrushed and normally take, on average, about 2 hours.

50% of your session fee is due 1 week after booking to hold the date. Cancellations less than 48 hours will result in a non-refundable deposit. Bad weather is the exception, in which case we will reschedule your session.

All images are individually edited, cropped, custom enhanced and will be posted in my web store within 1 week from your portrait session. Posting them in my web store gives family and friends, both near and far, a chance to order what pictures they would like to have as a cherished keepsake. All pictures are printed on Pro-Lustre paper, which marries the best qualities of glossy and matte.

I offer a vast array of products that range from various sized photo’s (from wallets to 40”x60”) to note cards to ‘T’ shirts to museum quality canvas printed portraits and many other novelty items. Package pricing is also available.

Pictures remain available for purchase for 1 month from posting in my web store.

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About Your Session

Sessions are created exclusively on location for an individual candid style. During our consultation, we will discuss a variety of locations (i.e. beach, parks, lakes, gardens, your own home & yard) and you will choose one that will best work for your situation. During the session, I will take a large variety of semi-posed and completely candid moments. We will move throughout several areas of your chosen location. This helps to keep things interesting and gives you many different looks to choose from.

I work by appointment only. Due to the custom nature of my business, I can only offer a select number of sessions per week and am often booked weeks in advance. Sessions usually take between 1-3 hours.

About Children

I love working with children and want to make this a fun experience for them too. I work at your child's pace, allowing for any necessary breaks, snacks or snuggling that will keep your child comfortable and in good spirits. Because you as parents know your child best, I encourage and invite you to participate by being silly and playful with your child during the session time rather than requesting them to say 'cheese' or 'smile'. The results are genuine smiles and laughter that are heartfelt, and you will have the bonus of sharing the story behind them.

Please talk to your kids about having their picture taken, and what to expect. It may help to offer them a reward trip to the toy store, or whatever works for you, afterwards.

Sessions take between 1-3 hours to create so please allow ample time and be sure all children (and dads) are fed before hand.

Please also bring clear drinks and non-messy snacks for younger children. Beach towels are a great idea (mostly for you and your car) if we are going to be near water. Also please be sure the children have had a light meal just before the session as I often work into dinnertime.

About Clothing and Appearance

Make sure your clothing is comfortable and wrinkle-free. Generally, wear solid colors, neutral-to-dark, or white. Simple, clean lines photograph best. Avoid big bold patterns and stripes, unless you really want your clothes to be a key feature of the final shot.

All members of a group should consider dressing in the same tonal range: lights, mediums, or darks.

Wear your normal amount of makeup. Although, lipstick and eye makeup can be applied slightly darker or heavier than you typically would.

Consider your jewelry carefully. Wedding rings, earrings and necklaces are a wonderful addition, but remember very shiny or sparkly jewelry can be distracting. In general, remove watches.

I suggest bringing at least one (or two) change(s) of clothing for children 6 yrs and younger. This is not only to get some different looks, but for the practical reason that kids this age may get a bit messy outside and it's great to have a quick back up available. As far as the older children and adults, if you would like to bring a change for them, just for variety, I am more than fine with a quick change, if they are.

I will be happy to give suggestions for clothing when you book your session based on your personal style and location. I find it's better to discuss this further during our consultation to get a true feel for the session. When in doubt, please feel free to call or bring several choices and I will help you narrow down to what will photograph the best.

Items to have on hand

  • Face powder (to reduce shine)
  • Lipstick, and touch-up makeup
  • Brush or comb, and if needed, hairspray
  • Jackets, to add to an outfit ensemble

About Props

Other items are subject to your creative input. Please don't feel that you have to bring any props or extras. However, if there are personal items that you would like to bring to create something more custom and meaningful to you and/or your child, please feel free to bring up these ideas during our consultation, or anytime before our session.

This could be something loved... like a special toy, or blanket. Something fun, like dress up clothes, rain gear or hats. Something personal... like a sports or dance outfit or a musical instrument. Something pretty... like fresh flowers, antique wooden toys or an old timeless storybook. Please just remember what you bring will be in the portrait, so choose things that add to the mood that you desire.

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